December 1st, 2020

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Coverboy Over It!

Over It!


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Over It!

By Daddy

Las Vegas — The only problem with getting the holiday spirit early is that you get over it early. I started humming Christmas songs at the start of November and here it is the 1st of December and I'm turning into a Scrooge way before the twelve days of Christmas.

I'm also over the antics of the politicians as they wait for the final and official: "It's Over" message that'll be here in a couple weeks. The only thing that amused me today was Major Biden, the first Dog-Elect making an appearance with his sloppy grin.

The media table has been torn down and reassembled and other than a couple parts I need to get, It's done. I'm starting to get the itch to start sling code again.

I've recovered from whatever I had last week and feeling fairly good today. All it took was sleeping most of the weekend and turning my electric mattress pad on. Somehow Winter snuck up on me and I'm always the last one to get the memo.

As is usual as we head into the holidays, money gets tight. To all those that have donated, Thank you for your donations!. Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page Logo 'Mean Girls' Jonathan Bennett Just Got Engaged to Jaymes Vaughan

'Mean Girls' Jonathan Bennett Just Got Engaged to Jaymes Vaughan

By Mikelle Street

Hollywood — Looks like Aaron Samuels is officially taken. Well, the actor who played him is. Jonathan Bennett, who rose to fame with Mean Girls, is now engaged to his boyfriend James Vaughan, an actor as well as host of the show Celebrity Page. While Bennett was away filming The Christmas House, the Lifetime holiday film that features him in a same-sex romance, Vaughan made all the plans according to a People Magazine exclusive. (More)

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Trump Suggests FBI ‘Involved’ in Stealing Election

By Staff

Washington — President Trump on Sunday continued to spout baseless voter fraud claims in his first interview since Election Day, including suggesting that the FBI and Department of Justice were involved in rigging the election against him. (More)

Edge Logo Xavier Dolan Set to Write/Direct Television Mini-Series

Xavier Dolan Set to Write/Direct Television Mini-Series

By Staff

Hollywood — Out, Canadian director Xavier Dolan made his directorial debut 10 years ago with "I Killed my Mother," a film that capitulated the 20 year old into the international film limelight by winning three awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then he has directed seven more full-length features, as well as having a successful career as both an actor (in his own films and in such Hollywood fare as "Bad Times at the El Royale" and "It Chapter Two") and as a voice actor in his native Quebec. (More)

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Can Some Bottoms Self-Lubricate?

By Bobby Box

Cyberspace — Since coming out, I’ve explored all aspects of my sexuality and never once has my asshole been able to self-lubricate. And yet, so many report the ability to do so. Of course, my first impression is to brush these human dispensers off as braggy bottoms with something to prove. But I started hearing it so frequently from friends and my online communities that I wondered if I was making a biological assumption. So I looked into it. (More)

AVN Logo Cockyboys Releases Final Chapter of Bareback Series 'All SAiNTS'

Cockyboys Releases Final Chapter of Bareback Series 'All SAiNTS'

By Robert Neuwave

New York — Shortly before Thanksgiving, CockyBoys released a Director's cut of All SAiNTS: Chapter One , which had previously only been seen at film festivals around the world, to members on On Black Friday, director Jake Jaxson releases the final chapter of the series, All SAiNTS: Chapter Two, now playing only on and featuring the pairing of porn stars Blake Mitchell and Carter Dane. (More)

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Massive Drop in HIV-Related Deaths During 2010s

By Neal Broverman

United States — Amid a frightening November, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released some encouraging statistics — the rate of HIV-related deaths among people 13 years and older in the U.S. fell by nearly half from 2010 to 2017. (More)

TowleRoad Logo ‘Destiny 2’ Guardians Saint and Osiris Are Gay and in Love, Game Designer Reveals

‘Destiny 2’ Guardians Saint and Osiris Are Gay and in Love, Game Designer Reveals

By Andy Towle

Cyberspace — Robert Brookes, the narrative designer behind Bungie’s popular video game , has put to rest discussion on gaming forums about the relationship between two of the game’s Guardians, Saint-14 and Osiris. Writes Paul Tassi for Forbes: “The clues started being dropped less subtly this season when Osiris was finding notes Saint had hidden in his ship, and Saint started referring to him as ‘my fiery phoenix.’ Then I was pointed to dialogue in the season where the Drifter made remarks about the pair of them being together, and then it hit me that yeah, maybe if you break time to save your friend from death, risking the fate of the entire world, maybe you are more than friends.” (More)

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‘Hamilton’ Could Be the First Show to Reopen Broadway After COVID-19

By Oli Coleman

Broadway — “Hamilton” is hatching a plan to make history yet again, Page Six has learned — by wielding its massive might to become the first show to open on Broadway after the COVID-19 lockdown. (More)

Advocate Logo 21 Male Nudes and Portraits From Nick Mesh

21 Male Nudes and Portraits From Nick Mesh

By Nick Mesh Photography

Cyberspace — A big collection of breathtaking (and heartbreaking) photographs by Nick Mesh. These are mostly Nick's friends from the gym and other athletes he hangs with. How he talks them into posing naked we don't know. However, Nick is quite something — he could be one of his own portraits. (More)