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January 27th, 2021

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Coverboy Wear Your Mask, Stud!

Wear Your Mask, Stud!


Daddy Logo

The Office of the Past President

By Daddy

Las Vegas — Just when we though that we were done with Trump; He opened the Office of the Past President" in Florida.

The office will be responsible for managing President Trump's correspondence, public statements, appearances and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump administration through advocacy, organizing and public activism," the office said in a statement. "President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American people."

It seems that everything has to be about him. However, in this case he needs to get in the line. Currently, in addition to the incumbent, Joe Biden, there are five living past presidents: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump - Wikipedia.

Did somebody forget to send him the memo?

Today was a take it easy day. I forgot that one of the side effects of antibiotics is the need to sleep a lot. Only five more days of the little white monsters. As long as I watch what I eat, take probiotics, and the occasional antidiuretic I've avoided the dreaded hershey squirts.

Please Be Safe, Be Sane, Be Healthy! Remember to wear your masks.

To all those that have donated, Thank you! January is a bit tight but I have a good start on it. Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Dan Levy to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Dan Levy to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

By Mikelle Street

Hollywood — Saturday Night Live is set to return at the end of the month with five consecutive shows. While the lineup of hosts is strong we have our eyes on one member of the Rose family: Daniel Levy is slated to host. (More)

Advocate Logo

Remembering Alice Hoagland, Ally Mother of 9/11 Hero Mark Bingham

By Neal Broverman

Unknown — Alice Hoagland, the beloved mother of United Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham, died in late December in California. Hoagland, 71, suffered from the endocrine disorder known as Addison's disease. Hoagland spoke to her son on the morning of September 11, 2001, shortly before he helped storm the cabin of his hijacked plane, bringing it down in a Pennsylvania field instead of the terrorists' intended target, the U.S. Capitol. (More)

Edge Logo Body-Builder Joseph Baena Celebrates Film Role With Speedo Thirst Traps

Body-Builder Joseph Baena Celebrates Film Role With Speedo Thirst Traps

By Staff

Los Angeles — There's little doubt that a pic of Joseph Baena will bring to mind his famous dad — Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like Arnold was half a century ago, Joseph is a 6' 1" body-builder with acting aspirations. (More)

Pride.com Logo

How Freaky Is Switching Up Gay Representation in Horror Films

By Taylor Henderson

Hollywood — Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton star in Freaky, the highly-anticipated, body-swapping horror film that's ready to switch up the genre in terms of LGBTQ+ representation. "I'm gay and I wanted to write a character who is not coming out, not struggling with his sexuality," says writer/director Christopher Landon in PRIDE's exclusive featurette. (More)

Logo Logo “Breaking Fast” Is Breaking Ground for Gay Muslim Representation

“Breaking Fast” Is Breaking Ground for Gay Muslim Representation

By Lawrence Feber

Hollywood — Hot on the heels of 2020 queer holiday romcoms Happiest Season, Dashing In December, and The Christmas Setup, 2021 brings us the VOD release of writer-director Mike Mosallam’s Breaking Fast, the first gay rom-com set during Ramadan. (More)

Yahoo News Logo

Two Masks Are the New Masks

By Tara Parker-Pope

Cyberspace — Many of us who watched the inauguration last week were delighted by the fashion on display — the colorful matching coat and mask ensembles worn by the first lady, Jill Biden; and the Biden granddaughters; the power purple worn by Vice President Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton; and of course, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ delightful mittens made of recycled wool sweaters. (More)

AVN Logo Falcon Studios Releases 'Let's Get Quenched' on DVD and VOD

Falcon Studios Releases 'Let's Get Quenched' on DVD and VOD

By Staff

San Francisco — Falcon Studios has released Let's Get Quenched! from award-winning director Steve Cruz on DVD and VOD from the Falcon/NakedSword Store. Let's Get Quenched! stars Falcon exclusives Cade Maddox, Tristan Hunter and Devin Franco, along with Devin Trez, Gus Del Rey, JJ Knight, Johnny Ford, Lucas Leon and Zac Snow. (More)

GayCityNews Logo

“Wonderfully Made” Explores the Lives of LGBTQ Catholics

By Hazel Shahgholi

Unknown — Writer, producer, actor, and director Yuval David’s upcoming documentary, “Wonderfully Made,” explores the tension experienced by LGBTQ Catholics, who are often rejected from participating with their religion due to their sexuality and gender identity and also lack visual representation. (More)

Queerty Logo Haaz Sleiman Spills Details on Marvel’s First Gay Romance in ‘The Eternals’

Haaz Sleiman Spills Details on Marvel’s First Gay Romance in ‘The Eternals’

By David Reddish

Hollywood — Actor Haaz Sleiman, known for his roles on the TV series Jack Ryan and Little America, has revealed a few details about his hotly-anticipated new Marvel film, The Eternals. In The Eternals, Sleiman plays the husband of the superhero Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry). The couple marks the first explicitly-LGBTQ pairing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (More)