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Las Vegas - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo

Bo Fox

San Francisco - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo

Inn Leather Resort

Fort Lauderdale - 1st Review


February 21st, 2020

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Coverboy Tannerick of Las Vegas

Tannerick of Las Vegas


Daddy Logo

Still Playing Catch Up!

By Daddy

Unknown — I'm still playing "catch up." Normally I work a day ahead to get the news and reviews up. Today I'm working on todays production. The UI is working well and slowly but surely (Did I just call myself Shirley?) I'm killing those pesky little bugs/features that have crept in. I plan to spend the weekend fumigating the code and taking it easy.

I still have to count the pennies however I think I have all of February bills taken care of. To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

TowleRoad Logo Gay Broadway Epic ‘The Inheritance’ Announces Final Shows

Gay Broadway Epic ‘The Inheritance’ Announces Final Shows

By Andy Towle

Broaqdway — Lopez’s play, directed by Stephen Daldry, reimagined E. M. Forster’s masterpiece Howards End in 21st-century New York, following the interlinking lives of three generations of gay men searching for a community and home of their own. (More)

Out.com Logo

This Is Why Growlr ‘Suspended’ All Those Accounts

By Mikelle Street

Cyberspace — Monday was a holiday so it’s no surprise that some people fired up the apps to set up some … lunch dates! But, for more than a few bears GROWLr was playing cock block, with notices that many accounts had been suspended. (More)

Edge Logo Wear Red This June 1 to Celebrate 30 Years of Gay Disney!

Wear Red This June 1 to Celebrate 30 Years of Gay Disney!

By Staff

Orlando — In honor of the 30th anniversary of "Gay Disney," the KindRED Pride Foundation has launched an international campaign to inspire one million people to wear RED on the first Saturday in June 2020 (June 6) as a sign of solidarity for those that believe in diversity, inclusion, equality, safe expression, and kindness. (More)

KeenNews Logo

Trump names gay man to cabinet; political firestorm ensues

By Lisa Keen

Washington D.C. — The appointment may last only a few weeks, but President Trump on Wednesday named long-time Republican gay activist Richard Grenell to be his new Acting Director of National Intelligence. The appointment makes Grenell, who has been serving as ambassador to Germany, the first openly gay person to serve in a president’s cabinet, albeit on an “acting” basis. (More)

Logo Logo Watch Miz Cracker Give Nyle DiMarco a Trixie Mattel Drag Makeover

Watch Miz Cracker Give Nyle DiMarco a Trixie Mattel Drag Makeover

By Christopher Rudolph

Cyberspace — Watch Nyle DiMarco become a skinny legend right before your very eyes! In a new installment of Them’s video series “Drag Me,” Miz Cracker makes over one of our favorite dreamboats, transforming him into Trixie Mattel’s stunning twin sister, Trixie Matwo! (More)

Gayety Logo

‘Gay Gene’ Search Reveals Not One but Many

By Brendan Zietsch

Unknown — It has long been clear that a person’s sexual preference — whether they prefer male or female sexual partners, or both — is influenced by his or her genetic makeup. The most straightforward evidence for this is that sexual preference is more likely to be the same in identical twin pairs, whose genetic makeup is identical, than in non-identical twin pairs, who share only around 50 percent of their genetic makeup. (More)

Advocate Logo How #BeardedButtigieg Caught Fire on Gay Social Media

How #BeardedButtigieg Caught Fire on Gay Social Media

By Daniel Reynolds

Cyberspace — Images of Pete Buttigieg with a beard are turning heads on social media. A triptych of photographs circulating Facebook with the hashtag #BeardedButtigieg depicts the gay presidential candidate from what appears to be his time in the U.S. Navy with various amounts of facial hair. (More)