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Denver - 1st Review



Washington D.C. - 135th Review


February 12th, 2020

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Coverboy Emilio of Denver

Emilio of Denver


Daddy Logo

Now That I Know Not What To Do!

By Daddy

Las Vegas — I've tried several different ways to solve the problem with the News screen but none worked like I wanted. Some almost work but none work all the way from start to end. However, I've learned enough that I think I have a solution. I did't have enough time today to test the theory out. So that'll be tomorrows job. The good news is that if it works, it'll take care of two birds with one stone.

To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo 'Sex Education' Renewed For Season 3

'Sex Education' Renewed For Season 3

By Mikelle Street

Hollywood — a new promotional video posted to YouTube featuring actor Alistair Petrie, who plays Mr. Groff on the massively popular series, the streaming platform confirmed a third season. This confirmation comes only a month after the second season launched. (More)

Pink News Logo

The UK’s First Ever Muslim LGBT+ Pride Festival Is Finally Happening

By Nick Duffy

London — LGBT+ Muslim group Imaan has set the date for the UK’s first ever Muslim Pride festival. The event will take place in London on Saturday, April 11, the group announced on social media. (More)

Edge Logo Naked Yoga's Dan Carter :: Shed Away Your Last Layer (of Clothes)

Naked Yoga's Dan Carter :: Shed Away Your Last Layer (of Clothes)

By Steve Duffy

Washington D.C. — "DC Naked Yoga allows men to set aside their clothes and self-image to explore a more intimate connection with their body and mind," reads the company's website. At their Washington DC location Carter leads "the largest and most social nude yoga group in the city." (More)

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We’re In The Middle Of An STD Epidemic That Could Get Much Worse

By Jeff Tayler

United States — Last October, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a sobering report (PDF)—the annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report—for which the press release read: “STDs Continue to Rise in the U.S.” (More)

Vice Logo Macaulay Culkin Sounds Like He's Doing Great And Honestly? Good For Him

Macaulay Culkin Sounds Like He's Doing Great And Honestly? Good For Him

By Josh Terry

Hollywood — Macaulay Culkin, who many know as a member of the Pizza Underground (he was also in that one movie Home Alone), hasn't been up to all that much lately, acting-wise. (More)

Advocate Logo

Dwyane Wade Shares About Being A Proud Parent To His Trans Daughter

By Tracy E. Gilchrist

Hollywood — Basketball star Dwyane Wade appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s show this week to speak openly about being a supportive parent to his 12-year-old transgender daughter. (More)

TowleRoad Logo Anthony Rapp Shared His Engagement Photo Shoot

Anthony Rapp Shared His Engagement Photo Shoot

By Staff

Hollywood — Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp, who announced his engagement to leadership coach and researcher Ken Ithiphol last November, just shared a very romantic shot from and engagement shoot the couple had done. (More)