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Phoenix - 1st Review



Boston - 9th Review


October 29th, 2019

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Coverboy Bentley of Phoenix

Bentley of Phoenix


Daddy Logo

It's Time To Update The Review Processing...

By Daddy

Las Vegas — The annoying problem that I was talking about is more subtle than I thought. Some sort of weird interaction with the current generation of browsers. The author only sporadically updates his code so it's becoming a big annoyance. The code is a wizard that I use to process the reviews. I think I'm going to take a week or two and concentrate on replacing it with a more traditional approach. The upside is that it'll give me chance to update the Escort and Reviewer editing so that it can work for both the users and for the backend.

Waiting on Apple for the replacement cellphone to arrive. Continuing to research if the "Backup Appliance" concept is doable. If it works, it'll be another article for the company website.

I plan on taking a couple of days off so that I can catch up on my sleep. These doctors and nurses are running me ragged.

October is covered. However any help is appreciated to build the backup appliance. The ten year old Mac mini is down for the count. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Jeff Goldblum's Gay Brother Underwent Conversion Therapy

Jeff Goldblum's Gay Brother Underwent Conversion Therapy

By Serena Sonoma

Hollywood — In an interview with The Times Magazine, the Jurassic Park star says that his father had a “traditional masculine sense of himself” and was often cruel to Goldblum’s gay brother Lee who passed away in 2000. The father went so far as to keep his son’s sexuality a secret from the rest of the family according to Goldblum. (More)

TowleRoad Logo

One Million Moms: Kellogg Is Brainwashing Children

By Andy Towle

Cyberspace — So, of course American Family Association’s (self-proclaimed)One Million Moms are threatening a boycott of the brand: “Kellogg’s goal is to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle by using cereal mascots to brainwash children. (More)

Edge Logo Jason Momoa Makes 'SNL' Cameo, Shows Off Nipple Rings

Jason Momoa Makes 'SNL' Cameo, Shows Off Nipple Rings

By Staff

Hollywood — In case you missed it, Jason Momoa made a surprise appearance on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, where he popped up in a skit spoofing daytime court TV shows. (More)

Logo Logo

How Prohibition Helped Launch America’s First Great Drag Explosion

By Dan Avery

Cyberspace — As RuPaul’s Drag Race invades the United Kingdom, drag’s moment is definitely ascendent. But this isn’t the first time queer performers have captured the mainstream spotlight. In the 1920s and ’30s, drag exploded into popular culture in the United States, with female impersonators packing houses, attracting legions of (straight) fans, and breaking into motion pictures, popular music, and the Broadway stage. (More)

Advocate Logo Elm Street's Mark Patton: Hollywood Is Still A Homophobic Nightmare

Elm Street's Mark Patton: Hollywood Is Still A Homophobic Nightmare

By Daniel Reynolds

Hollywood — For actor Mark Patton, being cast in the lead role in the 1985 sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street was supposed to be his big break in Hollywood. Instead, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge — and the backlash to the overt gay subtext involving his character, Jesse, added by screenwriter David Chaskin — forced Patton to quit acting in his early 20s. (More)


Cam Stars Studio Rocks Romania, Embraces Diversity

By Stephen Yagielowicz

Europe — A relatively new entrant to the camming industry, Bucharest-based Cam Stars Studio (CamStars.ro) is quickly making a name for itself by putting its models first, with a focus on developing their individual careers, longevity, profits and stardom. (More)

Pink News Logo This Is The Moment Actor Manny Jacinto Learns What ‘bussy’ Means

This Is The Moment Actor Manny Jacinto Learns What ‘bussy’ Means

By Reiss Smith

Cyberspace — “The fact that Manny Jacinto can act and dance and is also so damn gorgeous is a travesty like… if I find out he can sing too I’m throwing this whole bussy at him,” wrote one fan, forcing the actor to ask: “What’s a bussy?” (More)