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Vincent Russo

Charlotte - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo

Kurt Kardashian

Las Vegas - 1st Review



Minneapolis - New Phone


October 17th, 2019

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Coverboy Vincent Russo of Charlotte

Vincent Russo of Charlotte


Daddy Logo

All Chicken, All Week

By Daddy

Las Vegas — My chicken-all-week continued with me cutting the chicken into cubes for the soup and chicken-egg salad. I use the round medium ziploc container for portion control on both the soup and the chicken-egg salad. The eggs have been hard-boiled and are in the refrigerator ready to be slice and diced.

Working on code in dribs and drabs. I'm trash-mashing a piece of code that sorely needs it for Yii3. I need to figure out a way to present it while not offending the original programmer.

The case to house the disk drive from the backup computer arrived today. I suspect the problem is with the 10 year old motherboard and removing the disk will allow me to look at the disk from the bigger/better mac. Considering that a refurbished mac-mini of that era is running $200-$300 it's not huge loss just a painful one.

I'll be putting out two reviews and a update today and wanted to remind you that we still need reviews of "places to go." and "Things to watch."

I'm still waiting for the commission check from Flirt4Free which should make life a bit easier for October. However any help is appreciated as my machine for doing the backups is refusing to boot. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Ronan Farrow Proposed To Boyfriend In Endearingly Nerdy Way

Ronan Farrow Proposed To Boyfriend In Endearingly Nerdy Way

By Nico Lang

New York City — As Ronan Farrow writes in the recently released Catch and Kill, he proposed to partner Jon Lovett during revisions on the book, which further details Farrow’s acclaimed investigations into alleged abusers like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer. Lovett, a co-host of Pod Save America, contributed reporting to Catch and Kill, and in a draft, Farrow wrote, “Marriage? On the moon or even here on Earth?” in the margins. (More)

Edge Logo

W San Francisco Reveals Gold Fever Guest Room Renovations

By Staff

San Francisco — W San Francisco has completed its Gold Fever guest room renovation with an expanded roster of guest services. Located in the bustling heart of San Francisco's forward-looking SoMa neighborhood, W San Francisco's transformation reflects the city's distinctive culture, historic landmarks, electric urban energy, and non-stop social scene. (More)

Logo Logo Surprise! “Will & Grace” Final Season Returning Way Earlier Than Expected

Surprise! “Will & Grace” Final Season Returning Way Earlier Than Expected

By Christopher Rudolph

Hollywood — If you were saving your “Just Jack” jazz hands for 2020 then you might want to brush up on your moves a little early. NBC has made the surprise announcement that the final season of Will & Grace will debut on Thursday, Oct. 24. (More)

TowleRoad Logo

If Impeachment Comes To The Senate – 5 Questions Answered

By Sarah Burns

Washington D.C. — If the House of Representatives concludes its impeachment inquiry by passing articles of impeachment of President Donald Trump, attention will turn to the Senate. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, is known as a master of the Senate’s rules, and has been raising campaign donations with ads touting the power he would have over impeachment proceedings. (More)

Advocate Logo Matt Shepard's Parents Snub AG Barr: We Won't 'Kowtow To Hypocrisy'

Matt Shepard's Parents Snub AG Barr: We Won't 'Kowtow To Hypocrisy'

By Trudy Ring

Washington D.C. — Matthew Shepard’s parents have delivered a stinging rebuke to Attorney General William Barr and Donald Trump’s Department of Justice for endorsing discrimination against transgender Americans and taking other anti-LGBTQ actions. (More)

AVN Logo

Washington State Keeps Net Neutrality In Place After Court Ruling

By Michael French

Washington D.C. — About two weeks ago, a federal appeals court ruled that individual states have the right to enforce their own net neutrality rules, even though the Federal Communications Commission has repealed those rules at the federal level. (More)

HIVPlus Logo Here's Why Latinx Students Need Access To PrEP On College Campuses

Here's Why Latinx Students Need Access To PrEP On College Campuses

By Daniel Nava Cabral

Cyberspace — PrEP, the strategy that prevents HIV, has existed for seven years. And statistically, as a young Latinx queer person, I’m in one of the groups that could benefit from PrEP. Yet I didn’t even hear about it until 2017 — and then, only because I was lucky to have informed people in my life. (More)