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Philadelphia - 1st Review


Allen Silver

San Francisco - 30th Review


Mike #3

Las Vegas - 2nd Review


Mike #3 of Las Vegas


Mike #3 of Las Vegas

  • Escort
  • 30s
  • Caucasian
  • 200
  • 100
  • 5ft 9in (1.75m)
  • 250-260 lbs (113-118 kg)
  • Muscled
  • Dark Brown
  • Moderate
     Requires 'opt-in'

Review #2 - 10/16/2019
  • 06/2019
  • Las Vegas
  • 1 Hour
  • 300
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • RentMen
  • I see escorts occasionally and am very excited by worshipping hairy, muscular, dominant, masculine men. It’s the counterpoint to my married life at home. I make it to Vegas several times a year for work, and found Mike’s ad on another site. I liked his pictures and description, so I contacted him.

    Mike is very muscular. That part of his ad and pictures is true. But he is not the age he claims to be. He is at least in his late 40s, but probably early 50s. Either that, or he lives very hard and hasn’t aged well for being in his 30s.

    He is a friendly guy and tried to make conversation when we met at my hotel, but he generally seemed awkward and like his mind was elsewhere.

    The entire experience felt very transactional. We went to my room, chatted for a bit, and then he stripped and asked if I wanted a massage. It wasn’t a very good massage, and he seemed like he was trying to get things over as quickly as possible. No intimacy, no exploration.

    There was zero chemistry. And he didn’t get hard. Basically, I ended up jerking off while he made strange faces and tried to “act sexy” without actually *being* sexy. Then we settled up and he left. I was kind of relieved when it was over.

    Maybe this what some guys like in a companion, but it wasn’t for me. I wish Mike would have been up front about his age. And I wish he would’ve been up front about the fact that he doesn’t like body contact, kissing, or anything else I told him I liked before hand.

    I wish him the best of luck, but I won’t be contacting him again.

  • MuscleLoverNYC -  1 Review(s)
  • 40-something married professional. Very successful, and I like to share my success with handsome, well-rounded men.

Review #1 - 02/07/2019
  • 7/2018
  • Las Vegas
  • 1 Hour
  • 200
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Rent.men
  • I found Mike on rent.men. Scheduling was a bit tricky. We texted back and forth, and he ended up running into some scheduling issues that made him later than we had agreed upon. He showed up at my hotel and we met in the lobby.

    Mike’s profile claims that he is 33 years old. That seems extremely unlikely. He appeared to be more like late-40s. I actually enjoy sexy older men, so that in and of itself isn’t a problem. But I found the misrepresentation a turnoff. His pictures on his profile are very muscular, and that was accurate. He is a very muscular guy, and told me he competes in bodybuilding competitions. I can believe that.

    The entire experience was awkward and uncomfortable, though. He seemed more nervous than I did, and this was only my second time meeting up with an escort. We had discussed some of the things I’d like to try via text, and he said he was exactly the guy I’m looking for for those things. Except in reality he wasn’t. He didn’t seem attuned to anything we discussed.

    Once we got to my room, we had awkward conversation for a few minutes before he offered to give me a massage. He said he was an LMT, but you’d never have known it. It was a pretty lifeless, boring massage.

    I told him via text that I liked my ass having attention (which he said he’d love to do), but he paid zero attention to it. I told him I liked a strong, take-charge man who loves attention, but he seemed uncomfortable and bored. Mind you, I’m not unattractive or creepy... quite the opposite. I’m fairly fit, well-groomed, a non-smoker, educated, etc. But he basically acted like he didn’t want to be there.

    I tried worshipping his muscles and his hairy body a bit (they are nice, I must say), but he didn’t seem to get any joy out of the attention. His cock barely got hard the entire time (this was not supposed to be a pure muscle worship session, by the way, but a full big bro/little bro bonding session), and I eventually gave up on giving it any attention. His profile emphasizes how hung he is. He’s about average I’d say.

    I ended up just jerking off while He watched and used his ripped body as visual stimulation, and then he got dressed and ready to go. He didn’t get off.

    We had discussed spending two hours together, but everything was over in 45 min. He seemed anxious to leave, and I was kind of anxious for him to leave too.

  • OmegaS -  1 Review(s)
  • Early 40s, handsome, educated guy who wants to live out some fantasies in a fun, judgment-free environment.

Mike Responds
  • For starters,

    I was not even in the country when this so called client said I was, I travel every year to Aruba for the month of July. I also NEVER change less than $300.That’s how I weed out problem clients in Las Vegas. Also I don’t shave and am furry which is another discrepancy ....So there are three things that don’t add up.

    But I will say a few things in this review you can’t always satisfy everyone, you do the best you can to satisfy everyone the best of your ability . Any client that says to me they want ass play or to be fucked we have already spoken about that their ass must be cleaned And douched. If it’s not I tend to end the appointment. Accidents happen but also most time can be prevented. There are many escorts or clients who get off on this , I’m not one of them. Sorry, and that’s always discussed ahead of time.

    As far as the rest of what he said and put downs seems very insecure for a man who says he is very good looking. I don’t judge .. I am 35 years old you want to see my ID I'll shown you it, you want to see my pro card for bodybuilding I’ll show you it . I have not one thing to hide . I’m a open book ... I’m who I am and always have facts to back it up .

    I have many many clients a week and every once and a while you get a “jerk off” that is not happy. All I asked was to have your ass cleaned and no shit. When you go into that ass and get a finger full of shit it’s a turn off and a mess... And well it’s a Bonner killer. I work mostly straight masc married guys who understand this why can’t a gay dude get it ???

    He said he was not attracted to me but then said he jerked off visualizing me ... Maybe this guy had a bad day or just had bad luck and if so I can see why .... nothing is black and white. So with that said I love all my clients have repeats weekly and yearly. I go the extra mile for my clients and most become friends. Last at the end of the session I say I hope u had a good time and this is the time where If not u tell me and we work it out as men.

    Apparently he had a good time but then realized maybe he couldn’t pay his bills after or expected more and more . But next time talk to me . Clients to me are not clients they are friends we have intermittent connections so it’s more than a bang and go.

    I truly respect all my clients and am great fun for them .. you can’t make everyone happy. But you can try.

    All I can say is best of luck to who ever he hired next and to him make sure u clean that ass or it will happen all over again .....as far as A take Charge man I’m very dominate but everyone has a different version to dom ... when your client say ouch ouch stop u keep going or stop ... me I would keep going but if they are firm about it you stop.

    Maybe this client needs to deal think what he wants. With all that said my goal is to satisfy all my clients to the fullest and if not I always want to know about it ....

    so yes I did respond but again I was not in Las Vegas at this time I was off for my month vacation in Aruba.