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luke marcum

Phoenix - 26th Review



New York City - 8th Review

New Review w/Photo


Madrid - 1st Review


October 15th, 2019

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Coverboy luke marcum of Phoenix

luke marcum of Phoenix


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2nd Round

By Daddy

Las Vegas — Went to the wound clinic today and the Doctor was impressed. The wound is now 53% the size when we started. I'm not holding my breath however it appears that all the chicken I've been eating has helped as the doctor wanted me on a high protein diet (Like that's a problem for someone that's been on Atkins diet for the last couple decades.) It still looks like it'll take the rest of the year to fully heal.

The whole chicken is on the counter it preparation for it to be roasted. Beer Can Chicken spice, Truss it up, and into the oven at 400° for about 40 minutes. I also picked up the veggies to turn the bones into some more chicken stock. Chicken stock and more veggies will get turned into homemade chicken noddle soup, again super easy. Finally late in the week, I'll make my famous chicken-egg salad.

I'll putting out three reviews today but just wanted to remind you that we still need reviews of "places to go." SESTA/FOSTA put a crimp in a lot of peoples lives, and we either have to adapt or end up being just another one of the victims that have gone away in the last couple years.

Venues where you are comfortable going to with a handsome man hanging off of your arm. Bars, Strip Clubs, Resorts, places in P-town, the Florida keys, and Palm Springs. Websites, Films, and Drag shows. I know of several places to go but I'm still trying to give myself permission to post reviews. Silly I know, but I haven't written a review since the turn of the century back in Hooboy's time.

I'm still waiting for the commission check from Flirt4Free which should make life a bit easier for October. However any help is appreciated as my machine for doing the backups is refusing to boot. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Watch This Awesome ASL Interpreter Instantly Become Atlanta Pride Icon

Watch This Awesome ASL Interpreter Instantly Become Atlanta Pride Icon

By Mey Rude

Atlanta — Cowan has been working as an ASL interpreter with the organization since 2000, and in 2017, he became the first Deaf person to be named Grand Marshal of Atlanta Pride. But this was a special breakout year for Cowan, as model and activist Nyle DiMarco posted a video of him signing at a Pride concert on Monday morning. (More)

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Gay And Ginger? You're In Genius Company, Study Suggests

By Kilian Melloy

United Kingdom — A new study suggests that Leonardo da Vinci stood out in his own time as he does today - but not for his scientific or artistic genius; rather, da Vinci, the study indicates, was the butt of jokes because he had red hair (very uncommon at the time). Also, indications are that he was gay. (More)

TowleRoad Logo Jake Gyllenhaal Announces He’s Marrying Tom Holland

Jake Gyllenhaal Announces He’s Marrying Tom Holland

By Staff

Illinois — Spider-Man: Far From Home star Jake Gyllenhaal joked that he and co-star Tom Holland are getting married following a panel for legions of fans. Wrote Gyllenhaal in a photo posted to Instagram: “Forget the Biebers… We’re getting married (More)

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Blink And Miss The Gay Character In Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” Trailer

By Brandon Voss

Hollywood — Disney has released the first trailer for its upcoming live-action adaptation of Jungle Cruise, but you’ll have to look very carefully to cruise the gay dude. (More)

XBIZ Logo BelAmi Studs Pose For Famed Photographer Michael Stokes

BelAmi Studs Pose For Famed Photographer Michael Stokes

By JC Adams

Prague — A quartet of muscular BelAmi studs recently posed for the famed photographer Michael Stokes and the results have been released as a members-only “Art Collection” exclusive on BelAmiOnline.com. (More)

Queerty Logo

Finally, An Instagram Page Dedicated Exclusively To Male Athlete Butts

By Graham Gremore

Cyberspace — Detroit Red Wings Center Dylan Larkin became an overnight gay icon last week when he talked all about his formidable posterior in an online advertisement for State & Liberty, a men’s clothing company that caters to male athletes. (More)

Advocate Logo This Photographer Spotlights The Sexy Agency Of His Community

This Photographer Spotlights The Sexy Agency Of His Community

By Staff

New Haven — Self-described as, "Ballsy, charming, devastatingly handsome, homosexual, yooper, disabled, artist, activist," Robert Andy Coombs is currently working towards his Masters in Fine Art Photography at Yale University. (More)