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October 11th, 2019

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It Looks Like You're Using An Adblocker

By Daddy

Las Vegas — I use one all the time. I have an aversion to websites tracking where I go and what I buy. I don't care for seeing a half dozen copies of the same high animation advertisement on a page. I understand their point that they need to make a living but I'm not willing to endure their thoughtless assault. I now use Adblock Plus who have an Acceptable Ads Criteria. I feel it is reasonable, and one that I'm comfortable living with.

However, for those companies that believe that the "Sky is the limit" and are what I consider abusive, I just move on. I also move them down to the bottom of the list of sites that I review, and send traffic to. Of the several dozen sites, three have moved to the bottom of the list, and you'll be seeing a lot less of them.

Just a reminder that we need reviews of "places to go." Venues where you are comfortable going with a handsome man hanging off of your arm. Bars, Strip Clubs, Resorts, places in p-town, the Florida keys, and Palm Springs. Websites, Films, and Drag shows. Yes, I know that the current reviews are not set up for it, but make too while I design the review forms for those types of venues.

A larger than expected commission from Flirt4Free is making life a bit easier for October. However any help is appreciated. How to Donate Page

Advocate Logo Aussie Firefighters Exercise With Cats For A Cause

Aussie Firefighters Exercise With Cats For A Cause

By Tracy E. Gilchrist

Australia — What's cuter than cats? Shirtless firefighters exercising with cats for a few good causes! The Australian Firefighters Calendar has been raising money for various charities for 25 years. (More)

Edge Logo

New HIV PrEP Drug Approved By FDA; Not Tested For All Groups

By Sam Cronin

Washington D.C. — The Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Descovy as an HIV prevention drug on Thursday. (More)

Out.com Logo 14 LGBTQ+ People On Why They Showed Up To The Supreme Court Today

14 LGBTQ+ People On Why They Showed Up To The Supreme Court Today

By Phillip Picardi and Raquel Willis

Washington D.C. — Today, Aimee Stephens and a group of plaintiffs appeared before the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court in our nationa’s capital, to argue their right for protections from employment discrimination. (More)

Logo Logo

One-Fifth Of LGBTQ Adults Aren’t Registered To Vote

By Sam Manzella

Los Angeles — Nearly nine million LGBTQ Americans are set to cast their ballots in November 2020, but a significant chunk of eligible queer adults have yet to register. (More)

XBIZ Logo Brian Bonds Savors Sweaty 'Manscent' For Raging Stallion

Brian Bonds Savors Sweaty 'Manscent' For Raging Stallion

By JC Adams

San Francisco — Raging Stallion Studios savors a heady “Manscent” with the online debut of a threesome anchored by Brian Bonds, Drake Masters and Logan Stevens. (More)

Bay Windows Logo

The 2020 Census: If You Aren't Counted, We Don't Count

By Time Wang & Sean Cahill

Washington D.C. — Six months from today, on April 1, 2020, the federal Census will be in full swing. (More)

TowleRoad Logo Shangela Taught Kamala Harris How To Clack A Fan At West Hollywood’s ‘Abbey’ Nightclub

Shangela Taught Kamala Harris How To Clack A Fan At West Hollywood’s ‘Abbey’ Nightclub

By Andy Towle

West Hollywood — Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) made a stop at West Hollywood gay bar The Abbey, mingling with supporters at a pre-event reception. Among those showing their support was actor and RuPaul’s Drag Race queen Shangela, who taught Harris how to properly clack a fan. (More)