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Ryan Hunger

Fort Lauderdale - 1st Review


Sebastian Perez

Houston - 3rd Review


October 2nd, 2019

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Coverboy Ryan Hunger of Fort Lauderdale

Ryan Hunger  of Fort Lauderdale


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Standards But Wait More Standards

By Daddy

Las Vegas — When I'm doing a database analysis, one of things that I commonly do is check the assumptions. It turns out that the GeoNames database is stuck back in the 1990s. I'm seeing how I can give them a facelift.

The Ham & Beans was wonderful. I was a good boy and only had two bowls we'll see how bad a hit I took in the blood sugar in a couple hours.

Thanks to your help the Rent and Hosting Fees are covered and It turns out I was full of it, the one bill isn't due until the 24th. I have a little extra for gas so that I can get to the Doctors. It's time to start on October. Any help is appreciated. How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Bernie Sanders Is Going To LGBTQ+ Town Hall

Bernie Sanders Is Going To LGBTQ+ Town Hall

By Nico Lang

Los Angeles — The Human Rights Campaign confirmed in a Tuesday tweet that Bernie Sanders will be attending this month's LGBTQ+ Town Hall, which will be co-presented with CNN. The national LGBTQ+ nonprofit claimed it is “proud” to have the Vermont Senator present to “discuss the pressing issues facing [LGBTQ+] people in the U.S. and around the world.” (More)


NYC Judge Puts Giuliani-Era Zoning Law Against NYC Strip Clubs On Hold

By Gustavo Turner

New York City — A federal judge in New York City ruled yesterday that the city’s strip clubs and adult-entertainment establishments (“nude dancing and erotic materials”) fall “within the ambit of the First Amendment’s free speech guarantees,” and temporarily blocked a long-unenforced Giuliani-era zoning law. (More)

Edge Logo Folsom Street Fair

Folsom Street Fair

By Darryl Pelletier

San Francisco — The streets of San Francisco heated up for the world's largest kink fair, Folsom Street Fair. Vendors were selling kink items, while people did demos and listened to local artists. (More)

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Drive-In Sex Booths Taking Off At German Airport

By Anka Radakovich

Germany — A former airport in Berlin, once used as a Nazi airbase in World War II, is being re-purposed as a drive-in sex booth brothel. Talk about driving to get an In N’ Out Burger. (More)

TowleRoad Logo Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness Talks With Jimmy Kimmel About Being HIV Undetectable

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness Talks With Jimmy Kimmel About Being HIV Undetectable

By Andy Towle

Hollywood — https://www.towleroad.com/2019/10/jonathan-van-ness-hiv-undetectable/ (More)

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Ere’s Your First Look At L.C. Rosen’s Gloriously Gay YA Novel “Camp”

By Staff

New York City — Out author Lev “L.C.” Rosen became a household name in LGBTQ Young Adult fiction with Jack of Hearts (and other parts), his 2018 novel from Little, Brown Young Readers billed as “Riverdale meets Love, Simon.” Now, he’s following up with Camp, his forthcoming YA novel about gay teen Randy “Del” Kapplehoffand and his adventures at Camp Outland, a summer camp for LGBTQ youth. (More)

Queerty Logo  Mayor Jim Watson Has Already Done A Lifetime Of Good

Mayor Jim Watson Has Already Done A Lifetime Of Good

By Staff

Ottawa — This past August, a day before Ottawa’s annual Pride Parade, Watson penned an article in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper in which he publicly came out, explaining how he was bullied on the school bus by boys calling him “Jim Fairy,” and how his own introversion as a teen, and then his subsequent all-consuming dedication to his career, helped keep him in the closet all these years. (More)