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September 10th, 2019

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Moving The Code Along

By Daddy

Las Vegas — The new code has been moved to the testing server and I'm testing has begun. I've updated to the latest macOS, PHP, and Yii2 Framework on my development machine. Still getting GitHub setup for the code I want to submit. Buddy Beagle will be our coverboy for another day or two while I do the webmaster spring cleaning.

Only a few reviews in the queue so the "Buddy Beagle" days will help get some stashed away.

Health wise things are starting to stabilize and I'm seeing minor improvements to the wound. I was able to get some much needed rest over the weekend. I'm getting a knee scooter as they want me off of my heel as much as possible. I still need to line up a dermatologist for the psoriasis flare up. I've been told there have been major improvements in treatment since the last time I went to one.

Starting to work on the September bills. Have enough to barely cover the rent. Watching the money very carefully as I don't have much left. The reserves are depleted. Any help is appreciated. How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Don’t Call Fleabag’s Hot Priest ‘Openly Gay’

Don’t Call Fleabag’s Hot Priest ‘Openly Gay’

By Nico Lang

Hollywood — Fleabag’s hot priest is not a fan of the phrase “openly gay.” n an interview for British GQ’s Man of the Year issue, Andrew Scott discussed his lauded role in the second season of Amazon’s beloved cult phenomenon, for which the magazine awarded him its Hugo Boss Standout Performance. The out Irish actor copped to some displeasure with how the press sometimes discusses his sexuality. (More)

Edge Logo

Brazil Court Overrules Rio Mayor On Gay Kiss Book Ban

By Associated Press

Rio De Janeiro — A Brazilian Supreme Court justice has blocked efforts by Rio de Janeiro's conservative mayor to have a book fair remove a comic book showing two men kissing. (More)

TowleRoad Logo Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown Returns To Social Media

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown Returns To Social Media

By Staff

Cyberspace — Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown returned to social media on Friday two weeks after deleting his Twitter account in response to backlash he received for remarks that he was “excited to sit down w/ [Dancing with the Stars co-star and former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer] and engage in a respectful conversation. (More)

Queerty Logo

What Happens When You Interrupt Two Male Lions Having Sex?

By David Hudson

Cyberspace — Footage of two male lions in a zoo appearing to engage in gay sex has gone viral. It’s unclear when the video was shot, but what’s going on is clear. A male lion hops on top of another male lion and starts pounding him. (More)

Gayety Logo Is A New ‘Harry Potter’ Film Featuring The Original Cast Coming?

Is A New ‘Harry Potter’ Film Featuring The Original Cast Coming?

By Staff

Hollywood — Potterheads around the world are in a frenzy following a mysterious tweet from Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling. After months of relative silence, Rowling dropped a cryptic tweet. “Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places,” she wrote, including the hashtags #HarryPotter and #CursedChild. (More)

Advocate Logo

Iceland Trolled Mike Pence By Greeting Him With Rainbow Flags

By Tracy E. Gilchrist

Cyberspace — Notoriously anti-LGBTQ Mike Pence was trolled in Iceland by a row of rainbow flags as he arrived Wednesday to meet President Gudni Johannesson. (More)

Vice Logo Nicolas Cage Wants To Make A Movie With Director Ari Aster

Nicolas Cage Wants To Make A Movie With Director Ari Aster

By River Donaghey

Hollywood — t looks like actor-slash-"Purple Rain" karaoke legend Nicolas Cage loved Hereditary and Midsommar just as much as the rest of us—because now he wants to work with director Ari Aster on a new movie. (More)