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Devin Corr

Palm Springs - 2nd Review


Sherman Mause

Los Angeles - Name Change



Washington D.C. - 123rd Review


September 13th, 2018

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Coverboy Devin Corr of Palm Springs

Devin Corr of Palm Springs


Time for the 2nd Draft

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — I have a set of changes from the Cabana and one of the editors to work on for the Chapter that I'm writing. That and the coding I figured out are on the agenda for the rest of this week and the weekend.

Remember to vote in November, that's our next chance to start shifting the Government back to the middle or to the left. The Mid-Terms tend to have a light turnout; We can't afford to let this chance to set things right slip through our fingers. I haven't supported the Democrat or Republican parties in several decades so I plan to vote independent. Can you imagine the havoc a three party Congress would have on the Good Ol' Boy network?'

Thank-you for your donations! September is covered and any more donations will go back into the reserves. My reserves are at the 25% level and are stable for the moment. After that I have enough for October and perhaps November. Hopefully the Flirt4free commissions will pick up by then. Any help is welcome.

TMZ Andrew Wardle - Bionic Penis

No Wood? No Problem! My Bionic Penis Works Just Fine!

By Staff

Cyberspace — There are no limits to the lengths men will go to have sex … an English man born without a penis lost his virginity at 45 after doctors created a bionic one! (More)

No Decision on Henry Cavill's Future as Superman

By Jake Coyle (AP)

Hollywood — Warner Bros. has no current plans for another "Superman" film starring Henry Cavill, a person familiar with the studio's plans said Wednesday. (More)

Out.com Johnson Ong - Challenging Section 377A

This DJ Is Challenging Singapore's Gay Sex Ban

By Dennis Hinzmann

Singapore — A tide of change is lapping at the shores of southern Asia. The decriminalizing of gay sex in India last week has galvanized people in the region to take more strides towards equality, with the newest push coming from a DJ in Singapore. (More)


Heartwarming, Supportive Letter From Gay Man’s Little Brother Goes Viral

By Staff

Cyberspace — Twitter user Erick Endres shared a letter he received from his youngest brother, and it has gone viral for all the right reasons. (More)

Gay Star News Tadd Fujikawa - Comes Out

Tadd Fujikawa becomes first US Open golfer to come out

By Anya Crittenton

Cyberspace — Japanese-American professional golfer Tadd Fujikawa has come out as Gay. In 2006, Fujikawa became the youngest player every to qualify for the US Open at the age of 15. He is one of the first pro golfers to come out, and the first US Open player to do so. (More)


Paul Mccartney Reveals He And John Lennon Once Participated In A Five-man Circle Jerk

By Dan Clarendon

Cyberspace — In a new interview, Paul McCartney reveals he and Beatles bandmate John Lennon masturbated together on at least one occasion. (More)

365 Gay Chris Papas - Wins Dem Nomination

Out Candidate Wins Democratic Nomination for Congress in New Hampshire

By Trudy Ring

New Hampshire — Out candidate Chris Pappas has won the Democratic nomination for U.S. House from New Hampshire’s First District. Pappas had more than 56 percent of the vote with 23 percent of precincts reporting when the Associated Press called the Democratic primary race. (More)