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New York City - New Photo


Iron Maus

Los Angeles - 28th Review

New Review w/Photo


Paris - 1st Review


September 10th, 2018

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Coverboy Tyler The Badwolf of New York City

Tyler The Badwolf of New York City


Working On Code

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — Having trouble sleeping again so I'm doing the reviews early. If I'm still up and about tonight I'm going to look at the last two screens I need to code to replace the ones I still use in the Old backend.

Remember to vote in November, that's our next chance to start shifting the Government back to the middle or to the left. The Mid-Terms tend to have a light turnout; We can't afford to let this chance to set things right slip through our fingers. I haven't supported the Democrat or Republican parties in several decades so I plan to vote independent. Can you imagine the havoc a three party Congress would have on the Good Ol' Boy network?'

September will be more of a challenge than I thought. The flirt4free commission is the lowest since 2006. Low enough that if fell below the minimum where they cut a check. My reserves are at the 25% level and are stable for the moment. After that I have enough for September and perhaps October. Hopefully the Flirt4free commissions will pick up by then. Any help is welcome.

Will McGarrahan - The Importance Of Being Earnest

Something Wilde :: Will McGarrahan Talks 'Being Earnest'

By Kilian Melloy

Broadway — How's this for a fresh twist on a classic: Paul Gordon and Jay Gruska have updated Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest," changing the time to the 1960s - and adding period-appropriate original songs. Swinging London, here we go. (More)


Actor Snatches ‘Trump 2020’ Banner From Protester During Curtain Call

By Andy Towle

Broadway — Actor Timothy R Hughes, who plays troll ruler Pabbie, ruled another troll by snatching a ‘Trump 2020’ banner from a man who decided to hold it up during the curtain call of Broadway’s Frozen the Musical on Wednesday night. (More)

Out.com Timothee Chalamet - Bowl Cut

Timothée Chalamet Debuts a Bowl Cut at TIFF & We're Screaming

By Rose Dommu

Hollywood — My boyfriend Timothée Chalamet — you may know him from this tiny indie film about a summer in Italy — debuted a new 'do at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Internet is currently shaking. Gone are Timmy's long locks: Chalamet is now sporting a bowl cut straight out of the 90s — the 1490s, that is, because Chalamet cut his hair for a role in Netflix's Henry V movie The King. (More)

Check out the winners of the first ever PornHub Awards

By Tom Capo

Los Angeles, CA — The world of adult entertainment celebrated this week at the first ever PornHub Awards. Porn actors and actresses descended on The Belasco Theatre, Los Angeles, on 6 September. Porn superstar Asa Akira hosted the evening, which was streamed to viewers on the site (More)

queerty.com Russell Tovey - Don't Send Dick Pics

If You Want To Make Babies With Russell Tovey, Don’t Send Him Your D*ck Pics

By Graham Gremore

Hollywood — These days, Russell Tovey only has two things on his brain: love and babies. “I want someone to call me Daddy,” the 36-year-old actor tells Gay Times in a new interview. “I remember being at school, junior school, and already wanting to be a dad.” (More)

Keen News Service

No Comfort In Kavanaugh’s Responses At Hearing

By Lisa Keen

Washington, DC — It was the third day of a four-day confirmation hearing for federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh to join the U.S. Supreme Court before a senator really pressed hard for him to account for his commitment to equal rights for LGBT people. (More)

TheWrap.jpg	Chris Pine - Outlaw King

Chris Pine Soldiers Bravely Through Crowded Epic

By Matt Donnelly

Hollywood — Before introducing the director of this year’s opening night film at TIFF, festival artistic director Cameron Bailey said his group is always looking for “filmmaking craft which shows just what big screen filmmaking can do.” (More)