March 30th, 2020

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Spend Most of the Weekend Being a Techo-Nerd

By Daddy

Las Vegas — I closed four issues over the weekend included the dreaded "No login item when logged out" and anther pass at the "Title Case" function used for the headlines in the news. There are three "Priority" issues of twenty-eight issues left to resolve. I hopefully will get another hunk of time to nerd out on this week.

Didn't have the need to go out, so started a Chicken Noodle soup from scratch. The Chicken was stuffed with onion/oranges which provided a wonderful fragrance for the neighbors. The chicken turned out very tender and flavorful, and I've started reducing the bones to chicken stock. It should be ready as we speak, so I"ll need to get it decanted into mason jars and get the jars into the refrigerator.

This is week five of my "Shelter in place" and I'm doing OK. This week I'm only going out to see the Wound Doctor and to pick up a package that's been waiting for me since last Friday. I'll be doing that first as the mailbox is closing at 1pm each day. Turns out that their is a Sonic drive-in on the way to the wound doctor so I get "isolate in car" as I eat.

Last night was full of "What If" dreaming, in this case what would I do if I got a million dollars. First thing is to pay off that nagging credit card balance. The second is a dream that somebody else had for me; "The Daddy Show." Originally the concept was to have people in the interview however the novel coronavirus has shown that I'll need to be a bit more sophisticated and be able to have people show up using the internet. Obviously, this is a long term project and I'm picking up equipment as I have a few extra pennies here and there.

I'm still sheltering in place and mostly binge watching "Person of Interest," which is riveting and has compelling plots. If you are into tall, dark, and handsome this is a stoic man for you.

Somehow "The Letter For The King" was able to sneak in. A cute young aspiring knight Tiuri (Amir Wilson) finds himself on a perilous mission to deliver a secret letter to the King who lives across the Great Mountains. A tiny Gay subplot nicely handled gave me an "Ahhhh" moment. It turns out that the young knight that I would love to do, was in fact doable and that his hookup would have made for a satisfying three way.

Coasting until the end of the month and the rent for April is paid; To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page Logo 'Schitt's Creek's Entire Team Cried After David's Dance for Patrick

'Schitt's Creek's Entire Team Cried After David's Dance for Patrick

By Mikelle Street

Hollywood — Schitt's Creek is a comedy, —that's something no one can deny — but it's also extremely emotional. Though the show brings out the full belly laughter every single episode, it also includes more than few poignant scenes, that can start the waterworks. (More)

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Locked Up: No Masks, Sanitizer as Virus Spreads Behind Bars

By Robin McDowell and Margie Mason (AP)

New York City — Something was wrong. The chow hall line at New York's Rikers Island jail had halted. For three hours, the men stood and waited, without food, until a correctional officer quietly delivered the news: A civilian chef was among those who tested positive for the coronavirus. (More)

TowleRoad Logo ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Needs 50ccs of Funny for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Parody

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Needs 50ccs of Funny for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Parody

By Bobby Hankinson

Hollywood — I know it’s not possible, but words can’t describe how badly I want to see a Ru-sical devoted to Tiger King. I mean, come on. If they tackle it, it won’t be for like two more seasons, and by then it will seem overplayed and obvious and unfunny. (More)

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HIV-Positive Service Members Targeted by Trump Win Partial Victory

By Trudy Ring

Washington D.C. — A federal judge has refused the Trump administration’s request to remove the Modern Military Association of America from a lawsuit challenging discrimination against HIV-positive service members, meaning a greater number of troops will be protected from discharge now and that all service members with HIV will be protected if the suit succeeds. (More)

Logo Logo These Gay Men Identify as Bottoms but Hate Anal Sex

These Gay Men Identify as Bottoms but Hate Anal Sex

By Bobby Box

Cyberspace — Can you really be a bottom if you don’t enjoy receptive anal intercourse? When I initially requested to speak with bottoms on this topic, I wasn’t expecting many bites (this kind of information is sensitive!). But I couldn’t have been more wrong. A few hours after posting my request, messages poured in. (More)


MedFetUK Donates Stock of PPE to U.K. Hospitals

By Zoe Tamara

Manchester — Following calls from the U.K.'s National Health Service (NHS), MedFetUK, a Manchester-based online medical fetish retailer, has donated its entire remaining stock of disposable scrubs to an NHS hospital in southern England. (More)

Queerty Logo  Michael Chabon Is Afraid He Didn’t Make ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Obviously Gay Enough

Michael Chabon Is Afraid He Didn’t Make ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Obviously Gay Enough

By David Reddish

Hollywood — What’s a classy, Pulitzer Prize-winning author like Micahel Chabon doing in the Star Trek toybox? Now Chabon has boldly gone into Hollywood, taking over the much-anticipated Star Trek series, Picard. (More)